StorageDefender: Engaging with UNT Students and Inspiring Others

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Mark Cieri had the opportunity to speak at UNT’s American Marketing Association. We had an incredible time connecting with students, learning their stories, and discussing our mutual passion for marketing. Mark shared the story behind his career, explaining how his background in engineering and marketing assisted him in launching StorageDefender in 2019.

Working at a start-up is not a typical 9-5 experience and gives employees a broader range of responsibilities. This benefits many of our interns from UNT because it expands their education, allowing them to grow as individuals. The job is very hands-on, so the employees at StorageDefender are very passionate about the job and the products we feature.

Many of the UNT students we spoke to were intrigued by the storage industry and the opportunities that it provides. Mark expressed his passion for the industry and our Smart Unit. This service provides peace of mind to both storage facility operators and tenants by monitoring the inside of storage units. Storage tenants will receive live updates on activity in their storage units so they know their property is safe and sound.

StorageDefender values engaging with the community and educating others on what our brand does. We thank the awesome group of leaders at AMA for allowing us to share our story. We are looking forward to future collaborations and our continued relationship with UNT!