“Storing your valuables remotely is becoming a new lifestyle. Employing your own personal guardian to defend the safety and security of your valuables provides the highly desired added peace of mind we know is important to you.”

Monitoring service built for you

Enjoy your own superhero who provides a 24/7 watchful eye of your storage unit, tirelessly communicates real-time mobile alerts, and offers flexible personally-specified escalation.

Texting for Simple User Interface

No need for another complicated mobile app. StorageDefender prides itself with is easy-to-use responsive SMS text interface. Simply type "Yes" or "No" and StorageDefender takes care of the rest.

Smart Technology in Action

StorageDefender Smart Units deploys an advanced IoT (internet of things) monitoring platform that converts and communicates physical activity to the digital world. StorageDefender's smart messaging service deploys rapid decision making and reporting leveraging artificial intelligent technology.