What is StorageDefender?

StorageDefender is a personal smart monitoring system designed to provide around the clock monitoring, while detecting all intrusions.

How does StorageDefender inform me of intrusions?

StorageDefender informs you via instant personal mobile alerts.

Where can I find a StorageDefender equipped facility?

Our partner facilities are increasing. Please fill out the general Contact form, and we will let you know the nearest facilities equipped with the StorageDefender system.

Is the service expensive?

The system is priced very affordably.

Is the service contract based?

For individual unit monitoring, no contracts are needed.

How long does it take to set up and use?

At your local self-storage facility, personal unit set up takes minutes.

How do I contact StorageDefender?

Feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” link, filling out and submitting a brief form. If you are a facility owner, click the “Contact Us” button under the banner “Are you a facility owner?” on the Home page. This will link to a form specifically designed for facility owners. Please fill out and submit the form. Lastly, you can email us: info@storage-defender.com. A representative will be happy to contact you right away.

What are the benefits of offering StorageDefender?

Not only does StorageDefender simplify modernization to a Smart Facility, which is highly valuable and appealing for tenants, the service is offered with low investment and no risk. In addition, StorageDefender allows your storage business to stand out among local competitors.

How does a self-storage facility become a StorageDefender Facility?

Our sales team can walk you through the process of adding StorageDefender either through an on-site visit or over the phone.