Earn More $ with
every Smart Unit

Enhance Customer Experience and Automate Facility 

Facility Owner and Operator Benefits

Highly profitable, tenant-paid monthly service

Centralized monitoring and dashboards provide remote visibility and actionable insights ideal for remotely managed facilities.

Lowest start-up costs for smart tech facility modernization in the self storage market with roadmap to smart zone facility automation.

Turnkey branded marketing packages for on-line marketing and facility point-of-sale merchandising to boost in-store and web subscriptions conversion

Our enterprise-grade service provider support ensures high quality and low maintenance complexity. You do not need to become a Chief Technology Officer or IT Manager!

Unmatched, Pay-As-You grow commercial model with most versatile inventory management system ensuring easy addition of subscriptions and retrofitting/relocation of wireless smart devices.

Personal success coaching to maximize subscription growth and provide rapid response support.

No app required for tenants! No complex smart device pairing to phones

Web-based Facility Monitoring & Automation Platform

Easy to use StorageDefender dashboard

Easy-to-Use Dashboard, Valuable Insights, Anywhere Access

Solution Offering & Features

How StorageDefender
is Activated in a Facility

StorageDefender installs, certifies, and manages an independent wide-area wireless network.  Deployments usually take a few hours and does NOT require either a wifi or internet connection.

Facility staff pre-install SD battery-operated, wireless smart sensors in desired storage units or upgrades units on-demand in less than 30 seconds. 

Tenant smart unit subscriptions are added automatically by managers at the facility counter or contactless for on-line rentals.

The SD Smart messaging service automatically notifies the tenant of real-time activity in their unit.

Prioritized communications are also routed to facility contacts, as specified. The StorageDefender Web portal collects, stores, and curates data so it is easy to retrieve and review whether today or in the future.

Operators use aggregated tenant data and analytics to monitor utilization, enhance services, and optimize revenue.