The Top 5 Facility Operational Benefits of Smart Units

As the economy slows and occupancies decline, storage facility operators are intensifying their focus on operational efficiency in order to maintain profitability. StorageDefender Smart Units have revolutionized the industry, utilizing technology to enhance user convenience, optimize operations, and increase facility profits.  Listed below are the top 5 benefits of our services that we continue to […]

Discover the Two Fastest Growing Features in the Self-Storage Industry

In case you didn’t see the news in April, the 2023 SSA Demand study has shown that integral unit monitoring and any-time access are the top two fastest growing features tenants are willing to pay for from 2020 to 2023. StorageDefender is proud to be at the forefront of this storage unit transformation by providing an easy-to-add, 24/7 smart unit tenant […]

An Amazing Day Spent with the City of Denton’s Economic Team

An Amazing Day Spent with the City of Denton’s Economic Team We at StorageDefender would like to extend our gratitude to the City of Denton’s Economic Development Department for their generous grant. This grant has allowed our business to reach new heights and we are deeply thankful for the chance to be part of Denton’s […]

We Enjoyed Engaging with UNT Students and Inspiring Others!

StorageDefender: Engaging with UNT Students and Inspiring Others At Tuesday night’s meeting, Mark Cieri had the opportunity to speak at UNT’s American Marketing Association. We had an incredible time connecting with students, learning their stories, and discussing our mutual passion for marketing. Mark shared the story behind his career, explaining how his background in engineering […]

2023 Headwinds: Tuning Operations and Adding New Services (Part 1)

Now is the time to tune up your self-storage operations and incorporate new profit centers.   After 2 years of record high occupancies and equally impressive profit growth, the self-storage market is starting out 2023 with economic headwinds similarly felt by many other market segments: – Occupancies are decreasing nationally – Rental rates in many markets […]

Traveling, Adventure, Vacation – The Power of Peace of Mind

Whether you are a world traveler or a water sports recreationist, the objective remains the same… enjoying more peace of mind during your adventures, knowing your valuables are safe and secure when you are away and available for use when you arrive at your self-storage unit! Remember, Self Storage Smart Units = More Peace of […]

2023 Headwinds: Time to tune (or re-tune) your OPEX (Part 3)

Time to tune (or re-tune) your OPEX and as well look for new profit centers. According to Radius+, “The average price per square foot in February 2022 was $1.67 whereas in February 2023 the average price per square foot was $1.44 a 13.6% decrease.” “When observing previous years, it is more clear that the dip […]

2023 Headwinds: Importance of focusing on maximizing Share of Wallet (Part 2)

In today’s markets with increasing headwinds and occupancies, it could never be more important to focus on maximizing Share of Wallet (SoW) in addition to rate management. Simply put: – Attract and convert interested customers into tenants – Understand your customer’s complete needs and desires – Cross-sell and service customers with other high value products […]

Avoiding App Fatigue” and “Home Screen Clutter”

Have you heard of “app fatigue” and “home screen clutter”? Are you experiencing this mobile-related stress? Take heed; you are not alone. I see several articles and reports on smartphone users experiencing these conditions due to excessive app availability and downloading. In fact, in a wide variety of customer and facility owner/operator gatherings in which […]