Senior Software Developer: Elixir and SQL Back-end

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Company Background 

We are a hardware-enabled SaaS technology development company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, bent on building a superpowered IoT platform and service delivery business. We have a quickly growing national, client base presently focused in the area of commercial, real-estate and enterprise applications. While today still an early-stage start-up venture, we are becoming recognized locally as an IoT company who deploys practical technology solutions anchored with well-defined Go-to-Market Applications and Brand execution. 

Role: Senior Software Developer: Elixir and SQL Back-end

We are looking for a full-stack software developer with experience building robust Elixir, GraphQL APIs backed by a SQL Database.  This job is for you if you are excited about building systems and services that are reliable, maintainable, extensible, performant, and well-tested. You take pride in developing, learning and staying up to date on best practices and modern trends in software development.

Key areas of work / expertise: 

●      Core Technologies

●      Elixir

●      GraphQL

●      SQL

●      General Knowledge Base

●      Sprint / Backlog Planning

●      Backend / database Development

●      Cloud Deployment

●      Code reviews

●      GraphQL API development

●      Deployment and testing tools

●      Security

Experience Requirements 

●      6+ years professional back-end development

●      2+ years professional Elixir experience required, 4+ years desired

●      4+ years professional SQL experience required

●      Experience developing ELT / data pipeline for business intelligence a plus

●      Desired experience using Vue.js, Angular, React, etc. also a plus

●      Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with little direct supervision 

●      Experience with writing and maintaining unit and integration tests


●      Excellent verbal and written communication skills 

●      Process Oriented (i.e. sprints / backlog management) 

●      Ability to work within a team and to foster teamwork 

●      Advanced planning, organizational and prioritization skills 

Cultural Fit

●      Our company thrives on Superhero themes and we believe in hiring employees with superpowers.  What is yours?

●      You can accomplish big things with fewer resources than the developer next to you

●      Our company is our team sport. Individually you must perform, but we win as a team.

●      You are fast thinking and moving but don’t sacrifice quality

●      You are reliable, you execute, and take pride in your deliverables

●      We push together for excellence but don’t expect perfection

●      You are adept in sprinting but want to be part of a long-term mission, which is a marathon.


●      Base Salary + Performance Bonus 

●      Stock Options available

●      Flexible schedule 

●      Paid time off 

Work Location: 

●      100% Remote or Local.  US time zones will be given preference. 

●      Home office is in North Texas, so a potential employee will be given some preference if quarterly visits to the home office can be made.