Further Elevate Your Storage Protection with StorageDefender Smart Zones

Have you heard of StorageDefender Smart Zones?


Smart Zones are sensors deployed across the common areas of a facility (hallways, offices, outside, near gates, etc) that monitor the temperature, humidity, and motion of the surrounding area. Paired with our Smart Units, Smart Zones provide unmatched predictive maintenance and peril monitoring solutions for self-storage facilities nationwide. 


Predictive Maintenance:

  • Building systems health monitoring

  • Ambient performance thresholds alerts

  • Analytics/trending for early fault detection


Peril Monitoring:

  • Fire, flood, rodent, mold/mildew

  • Instant notification/alerts

  • Loss mitigation through early response

  • Potential for insurance premium discounts


By detecting items such as temperature, humidity, door/gate status, and occupancy in the surrounding area, Smart Zones report usage trends and alert management of any activity outside their chosen parameters. This ensures that facility operators quickly receive notifications of potential hazards, queue maintenance personnel based on need, and better manage their utility bills. 


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