Enhancing Customer Experience and Increasing Ancillary Revenue with Smart Units

StorageDefender provides Smart Units-as-a-service to the self-storage industry. We partner with self-storage owners and operators to offer their tenants total peace of mind with our 24/7 real-time personal unit monitoring. Whether you have a new build or want to update an existing property, we can instantly transform any unit into a Smart Unit with our completely wireless, retrofittable, and relocatable solution. Our subscription-based service offers an innovative, low-friction, and low-cost solution to smart technology modernization and differentiation.


Smart Units were created as a solution to better address the top 3 purchase concerns of tenants in the storage industry: price, location, and peace of mind. Tenants seek the assurance that their valuables are protected at the price they want with the convenience of being nearby. Our Smart Units offer an affordable solution to tenants, assuring that their valuables are protected and a differentiation tool for facilities with competitors in the area. With tenants having several storage options to choose from in their area, facilities need to elevate themselves above their competitors. StorageDefender’s facility partners can say “We are the ONLY facility in the area offering Smart Units,” giving tenants a reason to rent from your facility and not the one down the street. 

Today, more than 7 out of 10 people in the United States have smart home products. How many people do you know that don’t have an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Ring Doorbell? Modern consumers, especially the fastest-growing age groups of millennials and Gen-Z, expect constant connectivity in their daily operations. Smart Units can now bring this experience to your facility and tenants with our personal in-unit monitoring. According to the 2023 SSA Demand Study, in-unit monitoring and protection rank as one of the top fastest-growing features in the storage industry that tenants are willing to pay more for. StorageDefender is proud to be at the forefront of the storage unit transformation by providing an easy-to-add 24/7 Smart Unit tenant service inside of the unit, giving tenants the peace of mind that their belongings are safe and operators a new revenue stream.


These consumer trends have led us to where we are today. StorageDefender is rapidly expanding across the United States in facilities of all sizes and demographics. Without requiring a mobile app, people of all ages love our service. According to Simform, the average user has 40 mobile apps downloaded on their phone, despite users only using 10-18 of the apps regularly. Smartphone users are becoming fatigued, and sometimes even frustrated, with each new request to download a new mobile app.


In a recent tenant survey, Katrina from Amarillo, Texas shared that “I love having the peace of mind that every time my storage unit opens I get an alert.” Tenants simply receive a text message notifying them about any motion in their unit. Our Smart Units also include an audible beeper deterrent and a flexible facility escalation, meaning that facilities will be notified of unapproved activity on their property and will be able to take action.


Smart Units are not only beneficial to tenants but owners and operators as well. By transforming facilities with smart technology, our partners are earning an average of $12 per month in ancillary revenue per storage unit. These conversion rates are quickly approaching tenant insurance adoption rates. Max May, COO of National Storage Solutions-Easy Stop Storage, has expressed how “StorageDefender has elevated our customers’ storage experience, resulting in recurring revenue and increased property values. Highly recommended!” 

We value our facility partners who embrace the transition to a smart facility, and we are committed to offering them a cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow model that paves the way to success. By offering personalized coaching and turnkey marketing point-of-sale materials, our StorageDefender partners have the resources and support to excel at selling Smart Units. 

As the economy slows and occupancies decline, storage facility operators are intensifying their focus on operational efficiency to maintain profitability. Feedback from our facility partners has shown these 5 operational benefits of our Smart Units:

  1. More profit from increased rental rates and new tenant-paid ancillary services.

  2. Increased visibility and automation for remotely managed properties when combined with StorageDefender Smart Zone monitoring and Smart Locks.

  3. Strengthened inventory management via the use of vacant unit monitoring. 

  4. Enhanced operator peace of mind through advanced facility peril protection.

  5. Energy bill savings due to the monitoring of the HVAC during hot summer days and cold winter nights. By alerting staff of temperature levels, facilities are ensured they are not overpaying in electricity costs.

Businesses embracing Smart Units can gain a local advantage over competing storage facilities, earn more revenue per unit, and enhance the overall customer experience. By leveraging the power of smart technology, self-storage facilities can position themselves with more robust protection and deeper analytics to operate their facilities more efficiently.  

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Brook Bland is the Marketing Manager at StorageDefender. Brook graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is a passionate marketing practitioner.

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