Avoiding App Fatigue” and “Home Screen Clutter”

Have you heard of “app fatigue” and “home screen clutter”? Are you experiencing this mobile-related stress? Take heed; you are not alone. I see several articles and reports on smartphone users experiencing these conditions due to excessive app availability and downloading.

In fact, in a wide variety of customer and facility owner/operator gatherings in which I participate, I often poll groups of people by simply asking how many attendees want to add a new app to their phones. The number of hands that go up is always small. Ask the same question to yourself. Look at your Home Screen. How do you feel? 

As we are approaching the end of the year, I felt compelled to capture my thoughts in this brief article spelling out the reasons for app fatigue and Home Screen clutter. After sharing why this exists, I offer some pragmatic user tips on avoiding it as well as Call to Action to companies deploying technology solutions that are user-centric by architecting interfaces to be simpler, more intuitive, and easier to use for their targeted user communities. This may mean, in some use cases or applications, punting on the use of a mobile app altogether, which will help in reducing app fatigue and clutter.

I would welcome any input or thoughts on the article as this is my own experience.