5 Features Gen-Z Doesn't Mind Paying a Premium For

Is your facility meeting the evolving needs of younger tenants? 


According to the latest SSA Demand Study, in-unit monitoring is the number one feature Gen-Z is willing to pay more for to have in their storage unit! 


As younger generations continue to emerge in the self-storage industry, it’s crucial for owners and operators to cater to the needs of these new renters. Doing so will attract new tenants, earn more ancillary revenue, and increase visibility at your property.

StorageDefender Smart Units are the key to fulfilling the needs of modern tenants. With 24/7 real-time alerts, your tenants will be empowered with the constant connectivity to their unit that they desire. Whether they’re exploring the world on vacation or busy in their everyday lives, your tenants can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their valuables are safe and secure at your facility.


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