2023 Headwinds: Tuning Operations and Adding New Services (Part 1)

Now is the time to tune up your self-storage operations and incorporate new profit centers.  

After 2 years of record high occupancies and equally impressive profit growth, the self-storage market is starting out 2023 with economic headwinds similarly felt by many other market segments:

Occupancies are decreasing nationally

Rental rates in many markets are declining 

– Resulting net operating income (profit) declines are expected for 2023

– Furthermore, with interest rates and cap rates high, M&A has most certainly slowed down

What better time than now to focus on driving up top-line revenue growth by intensified focused on ancillary services and new profit centers.  

At StorageDefender, we are working with partners across the country to offer their new and existing tenants StorageDefender smart unit monitoring as a tenant premium service alongside StorageDefender Tenant Insurance to maximize insurance conversion at the point of sale.  

Services like these permit our owners and operators to attain a significant accretive profit.   Contact us now at so you are prepared for the upcoming surge in Spring.