About Company

“We are pleased to provide the self-storage market’s premier, subscription-based, Smart Unit monitoring service. StorageDefender has been carefully architected from the beginning with our customers’ peace of mind always a top priority in our mind.” Mark & Nathan, Co-Founders

The StorageDefender brand represents a unified promise to self-storage tenants of providing true and total peace of mind, combining Tenant Storage Unit Monitoring and Tenant Insurance.


StorageDefender Inc is a real-estate tech company and the pioneering leader offering smart tenant unit monitoring as-a-service to the self-storage space. The company’s subscription-based service provides tenants added peace of mind and enables storage facilities a new, independent, recurring revenue stream for each subscribing tenant. 


StorageDefender is built upon a web-based, cloud, internet of things (IoT) platform and serves as a roadmap to deeper facility automation through its smart zones.


Originally launched in 2018, the company is located in Denton, Texas. StorageDefender is a trademark of StorageDefender Inc.