Mark Cieri, CEO of StorageDefender, speaks on leadership in the digital transformation for commercial real estate facilities and employment

Denton TX, February 16, 2021: Mark Cieri, CEO of StorageDefender, does talk on importance of leadership in the digital transformation and modernization of self-storage facilities

Mark Cieri, our CEO, talks about the importance of leadership in the digital transformation and modernization of self-storage facilities in a presentation titled “The Tale of Two Prop-Tech Approaches: The Impacts Today of Leadership Today on Employment Tomorrow within Commercial Real-Estate.”

In the talk, he explains how it is possible to ensure sustainable growth of owner/operator NOI (net operating income) while also retaining highly-valued property managers. He addresses the importance of numerator leadership and numerator-enabling technology solutions is the key to long-term profitability while introducing a 4-level technology-enabled value creation.

Cieri explains “My conviction is that ‘numerator leadership’ will engage digital transformation to drive truly edifying corporate growth, while ‘denominator management’ will erode corporate value and needlessly trample the fate of property management employment. There is a 4-level Value-Centric, tech-enabled roadmap, that promises the realization of continued high-impact property management employment at elevated wages, not their removal.” 

The talk can be viewed Here


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